Misiones at COP27

Misiones is not only the largest Carbon sink in the region, it is an example of how a small subnational state gets to work with activity, creativity and commitment. Together we can do more!


In this section you will find provincial projects with a sustainable purpose, oriented to mitigate local greenhouse gas emissions and to contribute to the adaptation of our society against the imminent and inevitable changes caused by global warming, paying special attention to the most vulnerable sectors.

Ramsar Site

Declaration of the first Ramsar Site in Misiones.


Exploitation of landfill gas for energy generation.

Guaraní Community

Sustainable habitat for indigenous people and local communities (IPLC).

EPRAC Infraestructure

Extension of the water and sewer network in Misiones Province.

Local Agriculture

Womens leaders defending the environment and food sovereignty.


Generation and distribution of green hydrogen blends and bottled LPG.